Essay on Speech : A More Perfect Union

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In the year 2008 President Barak Obama was running for his second term in office. As an African American male, there were concerns of racial tension harming the country. During March of 2008, President Barack Obama gave a speech on unity in the United States called “A More Perfect Union”, in which his delivery and words were clear and moving. (Center, N.C.) Unity is what is needed in this land of diversity. If someone did not feel this was a necessity at the beginning of this speech, it was likely he or she would view America in a new perspective after listening to President Obama speak. He delivered a speech about hope for change in America, which was his message throughout the presidential campaign. “A More Perfect Union” did not talk about policies and procedures, rather changes that needed to be made in society. The speech was almost flawless, although since he was a candidate running for office it adds to the need for more than simply a call for action. He certainly possesses the knowledge of how to stand and talk to the audience whom is listening, how to draw people in and act in a certain way, gave thoughtful evidence throughout and yet there was a mistake he committed while up on stage.
First of all, President Barack Obama is an excellent public speaker. Mainly due to the fact he is an educated man, he used his intellect to carefully choose the correct words and phases for the audience he is addressing. In this speech he used some words that are slightly advanced…

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