Specification And Evaluation Model For The Software Product Quality

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section{Quality Systems}label{sec:quality_systems}
The ISO9126 is a specification and evaluation model for the software product quality cite{idri2013use}. Due to the limitations of mobile environments (such as energy autonomy constraints, limited storage capacity, variable bandwidth, hardware heterogeneities, etc), this quality system is not well-suitable to be entirely applied to these types of environments. Therefore, further analysis is needed in order to identify which aspects from this standard are applicable to mobile environments. Such analysis was done by Idri et al cite{idri2013use} in which they created a framework for identifying the quality characteristics shown in ISO 9126 that may be impacted by the limitations in the mobile domain.

This framework targets the external quality model of ISO 9126, given it is highly dependent upon runtime aspects of the application thereby may be affected by the mobile environment limitations. It encompasses three steps described as follows:

egin{enumerate} item extit{Analysis of external metrics}: In this step, only the metrics from ISO 9126 that are indicators of the external quality of the system are collected for further analysis. Hence, after removing compliance metrics and metrics for internal quality, there were 105 metrics remained. item extit{Checklists of mobile limitations extit{vs} external metrics}: For each metric, they created a checklist that shows whether that metric can be impacted by a mobile…

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