Essay about Space Transition Theory And Social Learning Theory

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When it comes to digital crimes, various methods are used to commit such acts. These

include: Hacking, malicious software as well as cyber stalking, to name a few takes place day in

and day out. The names that are attached to these crimes in fact explains the what and now, the

why has to be explained. In this body of work however, it will be discussed theories surrounding

digital crimes. Space Transition Theory and Social Learning Theory will provide detail and

insight as to the why factor: why was the crime committed, the rationale of the response, how it

relates to crime in general. Routine Activity Theory will also be explained and how it correlates

to digital crime as well as non-digital crime.

Keywords: Cybercrime, victims, theory, Space Transition Theory, Social Learning Theory, Routine Activity Theory

Space Transition Theory Space Transition Theory involves the physical change of going from one place to

another which includes and not limits the internet as well. (Jaishankar, 2007) More often then we

care to admit, people behave differently when they are in public versus when they are in the

confinement of their own home or office. This theory argues that individuals who repress the

urge to commit criminal acts end up performing them online due to the anonymity and because it

would not be something they would do in public due to who they are or their status in the

community. According to Jaishankar, in…

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