Soviet Union And Nazi Germany Essay

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The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany renounced war between the two countries, giving the Soviet Union much needed time to strengthen itself before Germany’s certain betrayal. Through the pact, Russia was not only promised half of Poland, a territory which had been under Russian sovereignty before World War I, but the Baltic States and Bulgaria. Although Ribbentrop, under the guidance of Hitler, most likely didn’t assume that Russia was ever planning to expand it’s sphere of influence to these regions. With the non-aggression pact, Ribbentrop had secured a safe border with Russia, and through the invasion of Poland had consequently bloodied the hands of Russia in the eyes of the West. When trying to understand why Stalin would authorize Molotov to agree to such a deal one must first understand the specifics of pre-war Russia. Stalin had held effective power in the Soviet Union since Lenin’s death, but had only recently, late 1930’s, finished purging the Red Army and associated divisions of ‘radical elements.’ These purges were fantastic for Stalin’s control over the army, but had weakened the battle readiness of the armed forces, for many of the people purged were experienced officers and generals who had been combat tested. The Nazi war machine, which by this time had already been tested in Spain, has offered Russia half of Poland in return for a non-aggression pact. For Stalin, this was the time he needed in order to battle ready his now…

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