Solving The Criminal Justice Professional Essay

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When a criminal justice professional comes into the realization of poverty, their environment takes on a whole new perspective. People living in poverty and social exclusion come into contact with criminal and administrative controls and sanctions more than any other group in society. Having to deal with poverty is an ill-fated reality. About 21,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations. This is one person every four seconds, and sadly, many of them are children (
When the criminal justice professional is faced with the dealing of poverty, there are many helpful solutions that they try to undergo. One of them would be to educate citizens on the issue. Inform your community of the issue, and get their minds together on how to solve these issues. This could entail donating finances, leftover foods, or even volunteering to help those in need. This is a very important issue when relating to the criminal justice professional because this is a very private and personal matter. Many situations result in poverty stricken families participating in any means necessary to help their family survive. This includes criminal behavior. One solution could be to rebuild communities with community policing strategies so that justice works with the people rather than against them, and thus hoping that confidence in the system can gradually be brought back in…

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