Essay on Sojourner Truth : Isabella Van Wagenen

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Sojourner Truth Isabella Van Wagenen (only later did she adopt the name Sojourner Truth) was a dutch speaking slave born in Ulster County, New York in 1797. As a child Truth was separated from her family, and sold into slavery. Truth fled to New York City with her baby after she endured physical and sexual abuse at the Dumont farm. There she fell into the cult “Prophet Matthias,” but through Truth’s pentecostal preachings she was introduced to abolitionists and women right’s groups. As an orator she spoke out about her experience as an African American, as a women, and as a slave. Truth became popular after Harriet Beecher Stowe published an article in the Atlantic Monthly, in which she called Truth a “Libyan Sibyl.”

Women’s Suffrage When her son Peter was illegally sold into slavery in Alabama, she filed charges and became the first African American woman to win a lawsuit. Truth worked with the Women’s Suffragist Movement until Elizabeth Cady Staton said that she did not support the vote for black women. Truth gave her famous “Ar’nt I a Woman?” speech at the Women’s Rights Convention.

Works In the Narrative of Sojourner Truth she described the severe conditions she endured as a slave. Truth was a nonviolent abolitionist and orator, and believed when African Americans put their faith in God, slavery would not longer exist. Truth believed that God had called on her to preach, and she thought the name Sojourner Truth embodied her faith in truth and justice.

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