Essay on Sodexo and Principle Financial Group Case Study

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Sodexo and Principle Financial Group Case Study
Tyrell Hall, Michelle White, Markea Walker-Brown, Kristopher Watkins,
Kathryn Shanosk, and Tatesha Thomas
February 23, 2015
Armand Di Cianni

Sodexo and Principle Financial Group Case Study
The demographics of organizations are rapidly changing as more growth occurs globally. Sodexo and Principal Financial Group are among the top 50 to be recognized as being able to manage diversity effectively. It is important for organizations to grow in the global market to keep up with the economy. The growth of the company increases the importance for all levels of employees to interact with people different from themselves. The companies have adopted various training methods
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Effectively managing diversity within an organization is a win-win situation for both the employee and the company. Allowing the diverse employees to receive an opportunity, and fair treatment provides valuable contributions from those employees toward the organization. Dr. Rohini Anand, Sodexo’s Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer, suggest that To really engage people, you have to create a series of epiphanies and take leaders through those epiphanies (Sodexo: No. 2 in the DiversityInc Top 50, 2015).
Principal Financial Group effectively manages diversity by providing employees with resources and opportunities to be successful. They offer mentoring programs for their diverse staff. Principal also offers on-site child care for employees as well. The development programs to enhance employee’s skill levels. Principal also have multicultural celebrations; this gives diverse employee that sense of family or belonging to the company. Also, Principal has multiple employee resource groups that are open to all staff for networking, career development, and community involvement.
Taking advantage of flexible work schedules can help level the balance between career and home needs. For single parent households, this schedule may be a benefit as it allows more time for parenting activities. On the contrary, this same

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