Socrates 's Views On Injustice Essay

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In Book V, Socrates was about to explain his views of injustice. He was going argue examples of injustice, but then Polemarchus and Adeimantus asked him to continue his views about the Guardians. In Book VIII Socrates finally returns to his views and gives examples of unjust societies and unjust men. There is a total of five types of constitutions. Within these five there are four bad constitutions and one good. The four bad constitutions are listed in order; Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, and Tyranny. Which leaves the one good constitution, Aristocracy. Socrates identifies three parts of the ideal city. First you have the guardians, which are rulers and auxiliaries; second, general population, and third, the corresponding parts of the individual, soul reasoning, spirited, and desiring. Socrates also identifies four virtues pertaining to the various parts of the city/soul which are, wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice. Socrates contends that a specific group should manage in the city and the thinking part should lead in the spirit; the ethicalness that relates particularly to this capacity of decision is wisdom, or knowledge of the Good. The auxiliaries or soldiers, and the spirited part of the soul, also have a virtue like them, courage. The general masses of the city and the wanting part of the spirit don 't have a goodness assigned to them, yet the virtue of balance permits all parts of the city/soul to exist in harmony. It is the virtue of justice, in any case,…

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