Essay about Socrates 's Philosophy On Happiness

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Philosophy has long been known as the study of how subjects such as knowledge, existence, and happiness work, and thus, philosophy has been a topic of much debate in the history of civilization because people have different ideas on how these subjects work . One subject that has received much discussion is happiness. While most people believe that material goods such as jewelry, money, or clothes contribute to happiness, Socrates, a Greek philosopher, offers a different approach to the goal of happiness that will surely lead people to question their own beliefs about happiness. Although there have been many discussions on what leads to happiness, Socrates offers an unique theory about happiness. Socrates says that philosophers lead the happiest lives because they contemplate the world around them and gain a better of understanding of how the world works by gaining wisdom and virtue. Socrates argues that possessing wisdom and virtue are what makes one happy. Thus, the contemplative life is the best way to obtain happiness because through self-examination, humans can obtain wisdom and virtue which are essential components of happiness. Socrates states that nothing else is good apart from wisdom. Wisdom is defined as the ability to think and use knowledge, experience, and insight. Wisdom is considered to always be beneficial because it makes its possessor happy, and thus wisdom is considered to be a good quality for a man to have. Socrates believes wisdom and virtue to be…

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