Essay about Socrates Was A Philosopher?

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Socrates was a philosopher who pursued what the ‘many’ did not even regard, he analyzes the deeper meaning and truth of things providing himself with an insight and view on a more intellectual and virtuous level than most. He was a very a critical thinker that involved skepticism in his every day rational, questioning the thoughts he had and the thoughts that others had around him repeatedly examining common beliefs. Due to this outlook he possessed and the gods’ wisdom, Socrates made it his command to get those around him to question their own beliefs. As it is imaginable, the “wise” men of Athens ultimately began to get annoyed and pestered by the constant questioning Socrates did especially because he often made them look foolish and embarrassed them. Some of the questions that Socrates was posing made some people feel his actions were going against the nature of Athens beliefs and laws which made them think Socrates may be destructive in the well-being of the city. This is what led to Socrates being put on trial and eventually what led him to being sentenced to death unjustly. The description of Socrates trial is recounted throughout the Apology in which it is fascinating to see that Socrates does not fear what most of humankind fears. Socrates is completely fearless in the face of being hated, being accused of serious crimes, being threatened with punishment, and being put to death.
To begin, numerous amounts of people in the time period that Socrates was alive did…

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