Socrates ' Theory Of Happiness Essay

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Around 300 BC in ancient Greece, one of the most influential philosophers in history pondered the questions of life. Socrates, among many accomplishments, was one of the first people to question happiness and what it means to live a happy life. One of Socrates’ most notable observations of happiness was that all people desire a joyful life. Socrates thus began the timeless discussion regarding what it means to be truly happy and how or if we can achieve this. Many other philosophers have attempted to answer this question and some of the most notable ones were from the time of Socrates. Plato, Socrates’ student, and Aristotle, Plato’s student, both expanded on this idea and developed vast complex theories concerning what happiness is and how to achieve it. Each philosopher contributes their own perspective of happiness and through studying each of these philosophers one can begin to deduce their own answer to the question ‘what does it mean to live a happy life?’ To begin contemplating the significance of happiness one may study the teachings of Plato. Plato’s main goal as a philosopher was to help others to attain fulfillment and from this he focused a great deal of his teachings on what it means to be happy and how to become joyful. After Socrates shared his views among his colleagues and apprentices, his student Plato went on to create an intricate and extensive perspective of happiness of which he documented in his book ‘The republic’ specifically part IV. Plato…

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