Sociology Of Food And Society Essay

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Sociology of food is the study of food and society. It is related to history, progression, and future development of society. It includes with production, consumption, distribution, conflict, medical, ritual, spiritual, ethical, culture, environmental, and labor issue. Sociology of food is a soft science and it is related to anthropology and agriculture of human society relationship. In the 21st century, sociology of food is the coexistence of malnutrition and obesity in the modern world. It is representable as significant power with individual culture and worldwide. In some culture of societies’ obesity is seen as a mark of high status and to afford good food.

Agriculture of food is an important sector of the Unites States and other countries economy. In addition, providing to us crops, livestock, and seafood that are grown, raise, and caught in the United States. Agriculture of food supply can be difficult sometimes because it’s highly dependent on when the climatic condition change. Pesticides are used worldwide to manage agricultural pests. They are killing and repel unwanted pests, but it is also causing many human deaths each year. A pesticide is use of the widespread in agriculture and compares the benefits and problems associated with these helpful but dangerous chemicals. The agriculture is developing to produce crops and livestock for human consumption. The amount of food produced is very important as increases the human population. There are other organisms out…

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