Sociological Theories And Biological Theories Essay

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A number of theories put forward to explain the criminality of the poor boy’s actions who had stolen a bottle of juice from a shopkeeper and got caught. The theories can be generally classified into sociological theories and biological theories. Sociological theories will tend to explain the boy’s action of stealing the bottle of orange juice as a result of influence from his environment, while biological theory tries to explain the boy’s act of theft as being biologically oriented as such, and he has no control over them. Some of the sociological theories in this case include the strain theory, social control theory, the rational control theory, and the biological theory.
1. Strain theory
Strain theory is a concept by Robert Merton which explains that individuals experience a lot of pressure in the pursuit of societal goals especially when they do not have the resources and this therefore can drive them to crime. Agnew (2012) in his article, Reflection on A Revised Strain Theory of Delinquency argues that people from underprivileged backgrounds have trouble achieving their goals due to a lack of resources which hinders their overall achievement and success in school and ultimately increases the appeal of crime. He explains, “Most strain theories state that delinquency results when individuals are unable to achieve their goals through legitimate channels.” (p. 33).
Smith (2008) explains that Durkheim’s inspired the idea of “Robert Merton’s famous adaptation of anomie…

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