Sociological Imagination And Its Impact On Society Essay

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The idea of having a sociological imagination comes from the way people live and experience their lives. As a person grows, they develop troubles, perspectives and learn to possess qualities that create a biography. Every individual goes through certain experiences or troubles that enable them to withdraw from their routine and look at things differently. This particular way of thinking defines the thought of sociological imagination. Whenever a person takes a hold of biography and history and can use it to imagine life from a different perspective, they possess sociological imagination. This imagination people go through is an outcome of the troubles and discipline of society that come from social norms, values, roles, and statuses. Another way of describing sociological imagination is by understanding that social outcomes are based on what people do in life and how those experiences have shaped humanity as a whole. Also, there are certain individual and universal factors that contribute to the framework of how society defines sociological imagination. For instance, as people go through their lives, they tend to have struggles or problems that arise within themselves as an individual, called troubles. Troubles are a more personal matter that don’t have an effect on society as a whole, but, rather just the individual himself. For example, if one man out of an entire city is unemployed than that resembles a personal trouble. However, if we looked on a broader scale, there are…

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