Socio Economic Inequality And Institutional Racism Essay

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Socio-economic inequality and institutional racism are some of the issues that plague the american society today, and drive the themes of overcoming adversities and helping others in the poems “Let America Be America Again” (1935) and “Mother To Son” (1922) by Langston Hughes and in the film “The Blindside” (2009) directed by John Lee Hancock. The impact of racial profiling upon society in Hughes’s poems reflect the social context of the great depression and the early civil rights movement, where African Americans were marginalised and considered as second class citizens. In contrast to Hughes perspective, John Lee Hancock’s “The Blind side” shows the effects of that in a more modern environment, where the expectations for African Americans are a great deal lower than their white counterparts. While Hughes poems are about having a strong character, the film focuses on reaching out and taking action, “Big Mike” being an inspirational character who actually does break the stereotype.

The social context of “memphis”, the Tennessee city that the story of“The Blindside”takes place, shows the Socio-economic gap between the races, a montage of the Tuohy’s driving through the ghotta contrasted by the richer white neighbourhood, this is further demonstrated by Leigh Anne Tuohy 's reply to Alton when he threatens her, “You so much as cross into downtown, you will be sorry.” This shows that it is not expected for a black person to go into downtown, a white majority neighbourhood. This…

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