Essay about Society 's Perception Of Black Women

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Earlier this September, Patrice “Tricey” Brown, an African-American fourth grade teacher in Atlanta, had been under scrutiny for posting on her social media account a series of pictures of her wearing tight-fitting outfits and high heels. The pictures became internet sensation and she was dubbed as “the sexiest teacher alive.” Her school attire, though nothing revealing, sparked controversy among netizens, whether or not her outfits were appropriate for work. Some argued that her attires were provocative, while others denounced the criticisms for being sexist and racist. According to them, the only found Brown’s outfit inappropriate because of her curvy body. Due to the incident, Brown had been given counsel by Atlanta Public School regarding Employee Dress Code and Ethics. She had since put her social media account on private as well. The society’s perception of black women as hypersexualized is nothing short of new. It is a kind of sexism strongly tied to racism that black women of all walks of life had to constantly face, such as in the case of Patrice Brown. Black women were framed in the society in a way that they mainly exist for sexual purposes. Moreover, the context of their sexuality existed only through promiscuity and overt sexual aggressiveness. It is through the black female bodies where racism and sexism converges limiting the context in which they could freely navigate. The sexualisation of the black female body stemmed from the efforts…

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