Society And Peer Relationships Throughout Emily 's Life Essay examples

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Society and peer relationships play a large part in any story. Its role is so large that we wonder if our experiences determine how we develop. In “A Rose for Emily,” the community’s role is essential in not only the events in Emily’s life but also the way the reader gets the information about Emily’s life. Any information that is received is from someone in the community that has either witnessed these events or heard the stories. What is told to the reader is virtually hearsay, making the account’s reliability limited. With what we know from this dubious information, the community can be seen as a source of both good and trouble in Emily’s life. Emily is a lady and is still seen as such after she is left without a fortune. Her father had been overprotective and had prevented a relationship with any man. They were also estranged from their other living relatives. Essentially, Emily had been raised outside of society while also being taught that as a lady she was above them and didn’t necessarily follow the same rules. Colonel Satoris saw it in a similar way and prevented her from being treated otherwise by removing her taxes, more so by saying it was because they were indebted to her father. From what we are told by the community, Emily saw it fit and accepted it as her right. Though it is generous of Satoris to do this and for the community to care for someone who isn’t necessarily a part of it, it also keeps Emily at a distance and prevents her from needing to join it.…

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