Socialization And Social Identity

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Part 1: Socialization and Social identity...
The way the human brain takes ideas and creates shortcuts to meaning is through information processing. This is done daily when someone processes what they see, hear, feel, and think. As this happens, the brain is taking in a large amount of information and then sends it through filters in order to make sense of what is being interacted with. How this is done is by using shortcuts. This means that a person is either accepting information or ignoring it in order to not overload the brain. Let’s take, for instance, someone dropping a pot, when a person’s brain hears this, they automatically look up to determine first what the noise was and secondly to determine if someone needs help.

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This is how it seems in our society nowadays as there are new and changing ideals that occur daily because of what is trending and who’s in the news. But how is it as a society that we have gone from having decency and morals to posting anything and everything on the Internet in less than a 30-year period? Technology. In the frontline video “Generation Like” they show everything from agencies that help people get likes, to a mother who supports her daughter in getting likes by taking pictures and encouraging her to sing, to kids who are actually earning money and gifts by endorsing products. What this video basically comes down to is one idea: empowerment; this is not only for advertisers, products and the like, but it’s for the teens as well because they feel better about themselves when they get likes. This comes at a price, especially when teens don’t even know what a sellout is. Some thought it was when a concert sold all its tickets, others didn’t have a clue. Another thought it was somebody who hasn’t gone anywhere with his or her life. I think that was the closest definition, but to define what a sellout is one can go to the urban dictionary and find out that it is a person who compromises their values or vision or both in order to achieve fame. This happens easily (the achieving fame part) when a person has a company like The Audience whose whole goal is to help a person get more likes/views. One of the things this company does is pairs up and comers with people who have large amounts of followers and likes on YouTube and other social network media in order to get followers for themselves. By doing this, they get themselves out there and develop a fan base of their own. In developing a fan base, there are parents out there that encourage their kids to make their pictures and music available as it seems to be one of the many ways to get it noticed. This is true for Daniela Diaz and her Mother

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