Social Workers From The Special Education Treatment Center Essay

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Two social workers from the Special Education Treatment Center for Emotionally Disturbed Children were assigned to the cases of Suzanne and Cindy. Suzanne and Cindy have been living in a group home for two years. Cindy is a 3-year-old girl and Suzanne’s younger sister. Suzanne is a 7-year-old girl who has been diagnosed with attachment disorder. Suzanne has been seeing a caseworker twice weekly for the past eight months. Suzanne’s treatment involves individual psychotherapy. Parental rights for both Suzanne and Cindy are in the process of being terminated. As a result of this, alternatives for long-term placement are being explored. The social workers of the two girls have been talking about putting them up for adoption. The social workers are making independent recommendations regarding the priorities of Suzanne and Cindy.
Identification of the ethical dilemma
In this case, Suzanne’s social worker has to advocate for Suzanne’s well-being and must work on the best opportunities for Suzanne, as Suzanne has an attachment disorder. Suzanne and Cindy can be placed up for adoption together or separately, but both could harm the welfare of the girls.
Based on the information gathered, the ethical dilemma, in this case, is whether to keep or separate these two girls and the effects that let either to separate or leaving together can have in their future well-being. First, if the social workers decide to keep Suzanne and Cindy together, Suzanne could be the beneficiary as she…

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