Social, Structure, And Economic Development Of The Urban Life

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It is just to say that for many decades, way before we were free the “ flowering” of our nation was not so sunny, being dictated by masters, institutions and politics. The rural life was around the 1770 's through the 1940 's following the urban life which is present day. The slave period was full of experiences, where the experiences of Black people are both similar and different to the rural and urban life. The rural Back belt was in the south, in which Blacks were forced into a molded nationality, sharing social, cultural, economic, and political experiences. Also enduring massive attacks and brutality, the rural period was where the national oppression originated. The urban life is not full of forced dictatorship,shared social and cultural experiences, and there is more social mobility. Also in the urban life after slavery and present day, the population is much more controlled since during the rural period the population was high because of the increasing child birth rate. In my paper I will discuss the social, structure, and economic differences between the black rural experience and the urban life ( present day). Also I will be discussing how the aftermath math of the rural life forced individuals to pack up and migrate from the south to the north.
The after development of the emancipation led to many Blacks oppression. After the emancipation, some aspects were destroyed but certain aspects still existed, even worsened. To begin with, the tenant system was an…

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