Social Stratification And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Social stratification is a system that organizes people and groups and place them within a hierarchy based on factors such as; social class, age, race/ethnicity, and gender. Social class is determined based on the social and economic status one holds, for example, a McDonalds cashier would be part of the working class while a CEO of a mining company would be in the upper class. Race is another factor that places people either higher or lower based on their skin colour and their nationality. For example, in Canada the majority are Caucasian so it is more likely a Caucasian would have a better social standing in Canada opposed to an African Canadian, who would be a minority. Age another factor, groups people based on their responsibility, experiences, and opportunities. And finally, gender can also determine a person’s social standing, this is especially true in predominantly patriarchal societies where woman are discriminated against and are looked at as second class citizens. All these factors “put people in a position in which they can claim a greater share of resources or services…” (Little, 2013). However, it is important to note that having one of these “quintessential elements” does not automatically set people up for success and vice versa. These factors are like DNA in the sense that it helps creates a person’s social identity, altering even just one of these factors can completely a persons identity.
Timothé is an African Canadian male student. Being born in Canada…

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