Social Stratification And A Minority Ethnic Groups Essay

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Social stratification or class structure, is an often times a heavily debated issue that has existed since immemorial. Nowhere is this argument more heavily debated than in Africa and Asia, more specifically the countries of India, Tibet and South Africa. India’s caste system as well as South Africa’s apartheid are two perfect examples of social stratification that, although outlawed by their constitutions, still persist even today in some form or another. The so called “Sinicization of Tibet” is another great example of social stratification as the indigenous ethnic people (Tibetans) are facing cultural assimilation to a minority ethnic group (Han Chinese).
The concept of social stratification is, in theory, a means to categorize the many different groups within a state based off various qualities and merits. These qualities and merits usually stemmed from how much wealth an individual held to whether or not if a person has any sociopolitical status. These social dichotomies typically marginalize the various different peoples in each group as people neither want to ostracized by their own peers nor lowered to another group on the list. However, social stratification in these three countries transcend the simple marginalizing of people and instead opted to control and manipulate the very aspect of what a person was as well as their day to day life. With my research I hope to better understand the class struggles that have besieged contemporary India and Tibet as well as…

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