Essay about Social Media Tools

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Social Media Tools
Mario Yep
August 22, 2011
Mrs. Susan Corliss


Imagine twenty years ago, before MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, how were companies able to communicate messages to their customers and clients? It was much more difficult to be able to deliver the intended message to the targeted group. Companies had to rely on television, snail mail, pop-up advertisements online, and/or magazine advertisements not being able to guarantee that their advertisements were being communicated to the correct targeted group. Now, social media has given companies the ability to be able to communicate their social media to their target group based on the information they provide through the click of the mouse. Facebook has
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Another company that advertises on Facebook is the restaurant chain P.F. Changs. They have blitzed the Facebook pages with ads regarding their happy hour giveaways and specials.
Likewise, Simmons Mattress Company has been posting their new product offerings on Facebook for those who follow them to be up to date on their product selection. Another posts they have been doing are specials that different retailers, offering their products, have going on throughout the country. It allows consumers to lean about mattress specials in their area.
In addition, some sports stars like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant have set up pages to inform people of their different business ventures and what they are getting involved at the moment. Twitter is the social media site that has become the sounding board of many stars. The singers and actors use twitter to post comments about their tours or whatever they are doing.
It is also where many organizations post their messages to clients and consumers. Twitter has lost popularity recently as it seems to be more complicated to access and to follow a person or organization than Facebook. In addition, twitter is used by many organizations like the NFL to keep fans informed and updated on the happenings of the league and when the strike was on, the progress of the talks. Twitter is good for posting messages that reach customers and consumers without having to “friend” anyone. You can edit your profile to show the information you want

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