Social Life And Behavior Of Children Essay

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Throughout the past year, Lane and Emily have been having financial issues. They are constantly bickering at each other. Lane and Emily have three kids: Lily (13), Liam (9), and Leah (5). They had been living together until the divorce. Lane and Emily decided that they could not handle the fighting anymore and figured it would be better for themselves and the kids to end their marriage. In the United States about 50% of marriages end in divorce. Once it was final, Lane moved into a house out of town. The kids now have to transition between the two houses, switching back and forth every week. Every year, over one million children under the age of 18 are involved in a divorce. Children ages two to five often have trouble sleeping, the five to twelve age group experiences sadness and grief, while adolescents often are insecure and have a change in behavior when parents divorce (Blatt). A child 's academics, social life and behavior are often affected when parents divorce. Academics are one of the most common things that affect a child with divorced parents. "Research on divorce suggests that the younger the child is when their parents ' divorce, the greater the impact of the divorce" (Mann). At first the divorce can be a distraction during class and at home, such as if a student were thinking about it during class or if things at home are getting in the way of classwork. If there is shared custody between children, the academics are more significantly going to suffer…

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