Essay on Social Learning Theory And Cognitive Theories

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Social learning theory is both behaviorism and cognitive theories of learning that not only explains how people learn by observing the behavior of others but is influenced by environmental and cognitive factors. Social learning theory is often considered a stepping stone among two completely different theories of learning. Social learning theory associates behaviorism and cognitive theory of learning. People study behavior by seeing others, then acquire their own thoughts and attitudes about that learned behavior. Individuals behave based on what is learned in their environment, an outcome of positive or negative reinforcements. “Although considered a behaviorist theory, social learning theory is a hybrid of behaviorist and cognitive theories. It holds that people learn how to act by watching others and copying the interactions that are rewarded and avoiding those that are punished. That is why human beings are subject to reinforcement and punishment and can be conditioned toward certain behaviors. However, we are also complicated and cognition affects our behavior, too.” (Fuller pg 109) The social learning theory developed by Albert Bandura can be believed to be one of the most influential theories of learning and development. The social learning theory incorporates ideas of the conventional learning theory and the operant conditioning of B.F. Skinner. The social learning theory strongly suggests that there are types of learning to include direct reinforcements…

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