Social Justice And Social Class Essay

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Social Justice in Relation to Social Class Is social justice something an individual is given or has to earn? In Webster’s dictionary, social justice is defined “as the fair and just relation between the individual and society”. In America, social justice is distributed after social class has been determined. America’s social hierarchy system has an influence on social justice because those in the upper class have more opportunities, better assurance, and a simpler lifestyle than those of the lower class. A prime example of the upper class having better opportunities is when the R.M.S. Titanic was sinking into the North Atlantic. The first class passengers had a better chance of surviving than the second and third class passengers because they were the first to be let into the lifeboats. The lower classes were locked behind gates and could not make their way to the deck until the majority of first class was safely seated. As a matter of fact, “third class passengers were forced to stay below deck up until an hour before the ship sank” (Nash 56). Even though all of their lives were in danger, the lower classes’ lives were more at risk. This shows that the first class received social justice while the lower classes received social injustice. By competing, profiting, and prospering, the upper classes were able to achieve their high rank. This is what gave them the opportunity to save their lives first. Upper classes also have opportunities such as living their lives the way…

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