Social Issues In North Korea

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North Korea immediate sparks concerns by hearing its very name or whispers about the nation with enduring concerns. Kim Jong-un is known as the youngest son of Kim Jong-il and the grandson to many of North Korea previous oppressors or dictators. United Nations security council has try varies times to come up with peaceful resolutions to negation with North Korea, however their nuclear activities have lead them to be condemned in worldwide discussions. There has been special international committee organized by U.N. to censure their human rights violations, but to no avail with the dictators running this country as they keep pushing their own agenda for self-interest. “Dealing with Dictator Kim, the youngest, is a challenge not only to the South …show more content…
In tragic scenario that seen members of an individual culture to be slaughter, the prisoners have hardly have any paths to choose from, while their tyrant figures and wardens hold all their destinies in the form of keys. This typical life in North Korea is the social norm, however it is not highly theorized game that applies real scenarios of fight or flight mode applications and is not about creating malicious hypotheticals against individuals in North Korea, that have suffer hard life. North Korea 's entire society is in a state of panic that does not appreciate their citizens’ contributions to their culture and that is the real power of a totalitarian system, that they can manipulate the environment or create their own version of a perfect government that is not question. This knowledge of the system and how the world perceived this territory to is still not enough of an influence to break the country hold. The government structure is that at each stage there can be huge profits or rewards for finding traitors of the motherland. By having a system of collective Intel it creates loyalty where no one person would dare to challenge the higher structure of the social

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