Social Factors Of An Innocent Child Essay

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Children, throughout history, have been considered a symbol of youthful innocence. They live stress-free lives and are forgiven for any mistakes they commit because they cannot distinguish between right and wrong. A criminal is a person who knowingly, or unknowingly, breaks a law that is put in place to hold society together, and to keep it functioning at its highest capacity. Criminals, to some, are the scum of society, acting on instinct and having no remorse for their actions. This being said, how can a child, bearing an innocence that can allow immunity from any consequence, become a cold-hearted, ruthless criminal? Since children and criminals are members both members of society, regardless of how they are viewed, society shapes them and changes how they think and act. Social factors such as home environment, socialization, and economic status can play a huge role in determining future delinquency. Closely examining the previously social factors of crime, will allow for a clear look at what leads to the transformation of an innocent child, to a ruthless criminal.
A living environment tends to shape the people around it. The home environment includes family, peers, and the overall community. Through a study conducted by the Ministry of Justice of the United Kingdom, who deal with matters relating to human rights and public protection, the assertion was made that “parental behaviours play a strong role in shaping a child’s risk of later involvement in…

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