Essay about Social Disorganization And High Crime Rates

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Social disorganization is what lower income families are experiencing today. Have you ever heard of the phrase “I am a product of my environment”? This comes from individuals having to adapt to their surroundings because of the type of neighborhood in which they live in. The increasing population of lower income families and single parent households that live in the inner city area increases the likelihood of economic deprivation and social breakdown. Can government be the blame for high crime rates in lower income communities? When individuals in these communities look outside and see high drug usage and gang violence, they have no choice but to adapt with their surroundings. There is not much opportunity within the community and the unemployment rate is higher than ever. This leads to the rational choice theory which explains how offenders make choices that best suits their needs. To most offenders those basic needs are money, social status, or merely excitement. Even if it does result to crime, offenders are going to make the decision that provide them with the greatest benefit or satisfaction.

In 1942, Shaw and McKay came up with social disorganization theory. Poverty, high proportion of minority populations, and the population decreasing as a whole have been said to be some of the reasons why some communities have a higher crime rate than others. The social disorganization theory suggests that an individual’s residential location plays a significant part in why there…

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