Social Darwinism And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Social Darwinism is a theory that individuals, groups, and races are subject to the same laws of natural selection as plants and animals. The weak individuals would decrease and the strong individuals would grow in power. Charles Darwin, Herbert Spencer, and William Graham Sumner, and more philosophers are all associated with social Darwinism. They all have different views on it.
Charles Darwin developed Darwinism. He focused more on the development of plants and animals. He developed the idea of natural selection. Natural selection is the process where an organism who adapts to their environment better than any other organism tends to survive and produce more offspring. The organisms change over time as a result of changes in physical and behavioral traits.
Herbert Spencer believed that Social Darwinism was “survival of the fittest”. The “survival of the fittest” was the outcome of competition between the social groups. He felt that society would change over time automatically. He compared Charles Darwin animal belief with his society’s belief in three systems. The Regulative System is the system that controls everything. He compared that animals have a central nervous system and societies have a government. The Sustaining System is the system that helps you out. He compared that animals gives and receives nourishment and societies has an industry which contains jobs, money, economy, and etc. The Distribution System is the system that provides services and goods for…

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