Social Class As Middle Class Essay examples

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Living on the outskirts of a small village, in a house made of bricks and a roof made of straw, working from sunrise to sundown, there hardly ever came a time where we would stop and think about social classes. Failing to be aware that social classes even exists. All of us come from a different place, to society that determines to what social class we fit into. Most Americans consider themselves middle class, but what they fail to realize is that there is upper class, middle class, lower class and every social class in between, they can easily fall under any other category. Nonetheless, a vast majority is correct to determine themselves as middle class. Many characteristics determine whether a person is middle class, they have to fit under a certain category. Wealth and income among others are characteristics that determine what social class one belongs to. Social economic conditions play a significant role in determining social classes. Social mobility is possible through education and certain opportunities. Throughout my life, I have found mobility between social classes. My family and I moved to California 9 years ago, since my parents had similar views of America as Herbert Cruly, founding editor of The New Republic, who stated in The Promise of American Life that America, “has [always been] consisted largely in the opportunity which it offered of economic independence and prosperity” (Lind 1). My parents had the hope that by living in America we would prosper and have…

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