Social Class And The Ancient Roman Society Essay

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which reflected their social class and therefore power and how much control they had in the ancient Roman society. Then if the dead person had any military rewards or crowns then they would get carried out to show their achievements that they had made during their lifetime. Eventually the corpse was then carried out on the couch; the body was usually carried out on the eighth day after death.
If the body was cremated then the ashes would be placed into an urn (a small clay jar) and the urn would be placed into the tomb, located outside the city walls. The size of the tomb reflected what social class their family was in and the ancient Romans believed that the tombs were homes for the dead. There were a variety of tombs that were all different shapes and sizes. In the early ancient Roman times the tombs of the elite were put into different burial grounds to the middle class and the poor, the very poor didn’t even get put into a burial ground has they had absolutely no money at all and their bodies just used to get dumped at the Potter’s field which is where all the poor people in the ancient Roman society used to get buried. As time went on the burial grounds where the tombs were located gradually got grander and more elaborate because as the population was increasing and the laws were changing especially after Augustus had turned Rome into an empire and became the emperor in 27BC right up until he died in 14AD. He won battles and conquered other places so he then…

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