Essay about Social Class And Social Classes

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Since the beginning of established civilizations, we have sought to differentiate certain groups from one another suitable to their influence and wealth in society. Through past societies the social classes that were seen the most were made up of the peasants, the politicians or nobles and the royal families. Classes are social hierarchies that classify and categorized groups of people who occupied similar areas in the economy of society. Nowadays, however society is far more socially advanced yet still quite very similar to those types of social classes. In our societies there are far fewer classes, there are the rich capitalists, the middle class and then the poor working class citizens. Depending on your class determine how much power one receives in society. These social classes that people are born into in then influence ones income, power, education, experiences, and values in the world. To begin, the social class that one belongs to in a society will highly effect ones values, experiences, and perception in life. My family belongs to the working class in a sense; both my parents have a full-time job and work for a corporation that pays for their time and hard work. According to Marxist theory there are only two classes in a capitalist society by means of production, the working class and the capitalists. The working class produces so my parents produce a product or service and the capitalist (the corporation) buys their time and energy to produce in order to make a…

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