Essay Smoke Signals Directed By Chris Eyre

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For decades, Aboriginal individuals have and continue to face a number of challenges due to their race and spiritual beliefs (Monchalin, 2010). In the movie Smoke Signals directed by Chris Eyre, the characters portray the modernized stereotypes Native Americans experience daily. Eyre takes an interesting take on the movie providing vivid flashbacks of the main characters’ past, allowing the audience to get a sense of what life was like for them growing up (Eyre, Alexie, Bressler, Estes, Rosenfelt, & Skinner, 1998) The two main characters, Victor and Thomas flee from their hometown on an adventure to retrieve the remaining ashes of Victor’s father, Arnold, as Thomas assists with the cost of the trip, one condition; he could join him on the journey. The two young men board the bus and begin their journey, however experience reciprocated stereotypes among the non-Aboriginals right from the beginning of their expedition. Although the two young men did not regularly see eye to eye, the experience alone taught them a lot about themselves, each other and the world they lived in. Overall, the movie adequately exemplifies the hardships that Aboriginals experience due to their race regarding alienating stereotypes, spiritual beliefs and customs, and diverse ways of living.
Although the movie Smoke Signals is quite comical, easy to follow and relate to, there are notable stereotypes and negative stigmas significantly portrayed throughout. A few aspects that…

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