Slavery Of The United States Essay

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Slavery in the United States - the system of slavery and the use of slave labor that existed in the United States in the 1619-1865. Most slaves were Africans and their descendants who had been abducted from their living areas. The first African slaves were brought to Virginia by British English colonists in 1619. As of 1860, 12 million people in 15 US states, where slavery persisted, 4 million were slaves. From 1.5 million families, living in these states, more than 390 thousand families had slaves.Slave labor was widely used in plantations, allowing the American slave owners receive high profits. In the first half of the XIX century, the national wealth of the United States was largely based on the exploitation of slave labor. During the period from the XVI century to the XIX century in the Americas were imported about 12 million Africans, of whom about 645,000 - on the territory of the modern USA. Slavery was abolished as a result of the Civil War, that went on from 1861 to 1865. The adjective that describes the enslavement of african people in america is sold. Trade relations between Europe and the countries of North Africa, located on the Mediterranean coast, has long existed. Ancient Greece maintained relations with some African cultures, and the Romans had close ties with the African continent, particularly with Egypt. Until the XV century European knowledge of Africa is a mixture of fragmentary knowledge, borrowed from classical…

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