Slavery Is The Permanent, Violent Domination Of The Past, By Kevin Bales

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“Slavery is the permanent, violent domination of natally alienated and generally dishonored persons (p.13). It is a definition that has some power in helping us to understand the slavery of the past, but I feel it is less useful in considering the slavery of the present” (p. 280). Many individuals understand slavery in relationships to legal tenure. Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy, by Kevin Bales who analyses the distressing extent of slavery in the contemporary world, approximating a rise in history to 25 million. Terminology articulates context in a detailed way. Bales categorizes the terminology slavery into two broad types: old slavery and new slavery. Bales argues that slavery is engrossed on financial gain which explains the atrocious treatment of the slaves. Slavery too emphases on weakness, credulity, and scarcity, instead of racial, or cultural shares. Bales logics of moral outrage stems his vibrant visualization of what ought to be done. Bales regrets using the terminology ‘new slavery’ and ‘old slavery’. Exploiting case study data from Thailand, Mauritania, Brazil, Pakistan and India is how Bale bases his conclusions, although he feels slavery exists in almost every country. In order to determine personally what it means to be a slave, Bales studied these number of countries. Using the terminology, old and new, to describe slavery provides useful reasons as well as limits our understanding of contemporary slavery. Bale isolates ways in which…

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