Slavery During The 19th Century Essay example

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From the beginning of settlement in colonial America, there was a demand for instant wealth resulting in the need of a labor force able to sustain the labor-intensive crop cultivation such as tobacco or rice. The settlers turn to Africa, where they transport thousands of Africans to the New World as indentured servants. By the early eighteenth century, there was a firm distinction developed between white colonists and Africans, who was given little to no rights. Slavery in the English colonies went from being a few thousand enslaved Africans in 1670 to being an entrenched economic and social institution by the early 1700s as Africans were gradually viewed as a commercial gain and inferior to the colonists. In a couple of years after settlements in America, many colonies found financial prosperity through the cultivation of tobacco, rice and other agricultural products. However, these crops were difficult to cultivate and took hard, long work. At first, the colonists turned to white indentured servants. Some came here voluntarily, others were prisoners or criminals. They were fixed to a certain amount of service years and then were essentially free. The indentured system was not effective and stable as many servants did not work as hard, knowing they were to be freed someday. This damaged the agricultural economy as the landowners did not make large profits from the ineffectiveness of the cultivation. Therefore, the use of Africans as slaves increased throughout the years.…

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