Essay about Slavery And The New World

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Obligated Serfdom Before African slavery existed in the New World, Englishman enslaved their own people to complete the work needed on its farms. Early wealth in the American colonies was due almost entirely to its crops, so it needed cheap labor to maximize profits for its landholders. Native Americans weren’t a great option for labor because they were very resilient to diseases and were more difficult to enslave due to their tribal security. Africans weren’t used from the start because they were considered too expensive considering the short lifespan of those who came over to the New World in the early 17th century. The only people that left were the poor English who could be persuaded into leaving their homeland because they had little to gain in staying in England. These poor people who couldn’t pay for passage to America on their own were forced into working for a set number of years to pay off the cost of their transportation. This servitude proved very costly for these English men and women. Indentured servitude in the New World was difficult due to unfair treatment, lack of voting rights, and poor land conditions for those who finished out their obligations. Treatment of indentured servants was so poor in this time period that historians always compare their handling with that of African slaves. To start, their boat ride to America killed around 10-20 percent of the servants who attempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean. German immigrant Gottlieb Mittelberger describes…

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