Slavery And The Authority Of The White Man Essay

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Though many people are aware that women played a role in slave resistance, when there is discussion, it is portrayed as though women were not truly involved in challenging slavery and were not change-agents in the slave communities. However, this is not true because women were quite vital to slave resistance movements. There is ample research that proves they participated in both violent and nonviolent methods to confront slavery and the authority of the White man. Yet, there is little research as to how and why slave women chose their approach to defiance. It can be assumed that certain conditions in a country influenced the slave women’s decisions, thus creating trends in slave resistance. Conditions, such as the demographics, geography, and slave culture of a country were all factors that determined how women chose their method to challenge slavery in the English-speaking Caribbean.
During slavery, women were not treated any better than men but were subjected to the same tough and strenuous agricultural tasks. In fact, Hilary Beckles explains that hard labor became associated as “woman’s work” and slave men considered themselves privileged while female slaves were “gendered the ‘lowest creatures on God’s earth.’” Not only were they worked just as hard, if not harder than the male slaves, they also were punished just as hard. From the account of Mary Prince, she recalled that even for the smallest wrongdoing, she was stripped naked, hung by the wrists, and…

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