How Did Slave Trade Build The Middle Passage

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Slave trade came to be an important aspect that built the middle passage. Due to that from this passage African slaves came against their own will to be property of people. Once they arrived into the Americas they were seen as lesser than human beings and built only to serve. African slaves were stripped away from their rights and taken away from their homeland. While in the voyage from Africa to the Americas their treatment was inhumanly and not one of commodities. The middle passage was a route that was taken from Africa to the Americas in the order to bring the African slaves and begin the cruelty of slavery. Slavery was a method of free labor where you could gain more without paying back for its service. Due to this the demand for slaves increased and there were more and more ships that transported them from Africa to the Americas. The middle passage was the route taken and from the start to the ending of this route African slaves suffered and denied what their reality was. Being in their own homeland they were captured and denied their own freedom. Taken to a country they didn’t even know where they would be seen as property and not as human beings. This voyage that the slaves would have never wanted to take began with the …show more content…
Captain John Newton of the ship Duke of Argyle is one of them who “treated his human cargoes as harshly as any other slave captain” (Hine 43). Though he was once an indentured servant and saw at firsthand what it was to be a slave didn’t have mercy for the ones he was carrying to slavery. Though time made him change his mind about slavery and had him “become one of its leading opponents” (Hine 43). Newton at the time he was involved in the slave trade saw this as an ordinary thing to do and saw no wrong with it. He viewed the slaves as property he could get money for and didn’t even stop to think if they had feelings like he

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