Slave Trade And Experience At The Plantation Essay

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Slave trade and experience at the plantations was different for all the slaves with some living a good life while others are failing to experience the good. Different from the common issues considered about the slaves and their lives in the plantations, more revelations about the lives of slaves and the people relate to them opens up another perspective on the lives of the slaves and the issues associated with their lives at the time. Slaves were subjected to a different experience, which also defined their lives after being freed. This paper considers two interviewees Islom Moseley and Fountain Hughes as two ex-slaves. Their narration is used to compare and contrast their lives in the different states where they lived.
Isom Moseley is a slave who lived in Gee’s band Alabama but was born in Selma-Dallas. On the other hand, Fountain Hughes was a slave in Baltimore, Maryland, but was born in Charlottesville, Virginia. The life of Isom Moseley and Fountain Hughes demonstrates a change in the policies of slave ownership within the owners and the plantations. Islom says that at the home where he lived, he was treated well and was tasked with roles that were achievable as per his capabilities. His parents had enough for themselves and with the shoemaker in the home; they all had shoes to wear from time to time. After his chores within the day, he was free to go play with the other children even those of the masters of the home. When he got into trouble meant that he was to face…

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