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Research Paper

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.” This relates to many of the slave insurrections and revolts that took place in the America’s. To rebel against the oppressor, in this case slave owner, was for slaves considered being obedient to God, due to the cruel acts that took place. A majority of the slave insurrections and revolts were generally unsuccessful due to the challenges that hindered the slaves from following through with their original plans.
The Muslim slave uprising in Bahia was in 1835. About three hundred people in the Brazilian Muslim slave community assisted in the slave revolt. This revolt was planned well in advance and was recorded as one of the largest and most organized
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Samuel Sharpe wished that his slave insurrection could be strictly nonviolent, but that became very hard after a series of a multitude of fires. The slaves had few to no resource for their protection against the majority, during this revolt. Many slaves lost their lives in this dreadful rebellion. During the slave insurrection, Samuel Sharpe had said, “I would rather die upon yonder gallows than live in slaver”. This quote is very important. Sharpe did not want to no longer be in bondage, he wanted his fellow sister and brothers to be free from chains, and free from …show more content…
Many of the slaves put up a fight and showed great resistance toward the European masters who owned them. African slaves had numerous reasons to reject their new lifestyle, and one way they all came together was to plan insurrections against the Europeans. Currently, slave insurrections and rebellions are still unsuccessful. Even multiple years after slavery has been abolished, all parts of the world suffer from slavery. Slavery is still greatly in existence, and everyday Black Americans fight to change this, and bring an end to slavery, but still, still we are unsuccessful. There are many different forms of modern day slavery such as prostitution, pornography, abuse, fame, and many more areas have a slavery connotation. This is very unfortunate that this disaster has not come to an end. In conclusion, slave insurrections and revolts were generally unsuccessful due to an abundance of different things. In Brazil and Jamaica slaves were not putting up with the mistreatment that they faced from the slave owners and government. Both insurrections were unsuccessful, but they did contribute to an overall goal. This overall goal was freedom for all slaves. Although this goal is still not accomplished due to modern day slavery, there has been a lot of progress made. Many of the slave insurrection were interrupted due to the superior race finding out about the planned rebellions. Other reasons were resources, the slaves did outnumber the Europeans, but they did not have efficient

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