Slaughterhouse Five Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Slaughterhouse Five Should Not Be Banned
Tools are important. Hammers, screwdrivers, and drills all help to make improvements. Tools do not necessarily have to be hardware, however. Books, for example, are also tools. Books are some of the greatest tools in education. They relay information, present new ideas, and provide examples of great writing. Although the books that teachers select for classroom use are valuable resources, many people often attempt to ban them from schools. One such book is Slaughterhouse Five, a novel by Kurt Vonnegut that explores the implications of America’s bombing of Dresden during World War II. While it is often praised for its message and unique form, it is also challenged often. Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five should not be banned from schools or removed from library bookshelves because it has great literary merit.
Many believe the book should be banned because it may contain some coarse language and sexual content. While it is true that Vonnegut is often criticized for including too much pornographic and sexual content (Marvin 127), how much is too much? The book does mention a magazine that is “published for lonesome men to jerk off to” (Vonnegut 205) and uses derogatory terms like “son of a bitch” (Vonnegut 78), but the book is not promoting swearing or sexual behavior, just like health classes that show images of reproductive organs do not promote sexual behavior. Many public schools in the United States, East Greenwich High School,…

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