Essay about Sir Gawain 's The Green Knight

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When Sir Gawain first sets off in search of the Green Knight, he is determined that throughout his quest he shall remain a knight of integrity; he will bring honor to his name and distinction to the court of his uncle, King Arthur. Gawain has every intention of fulfilling his promise to the Green Knight. However, after stumbling upon the castle of Lord Bertilak, Gawain’s mission is put in jeopardy, for he meets Bertilak’s wife, a seductress in all sense of the word, and unbeknownst to Gawain, the lady has a mission of her own. She is instructed to lead the good knight into temptation, and she does so with success using the codes of courtly love and chivalry to her advantage. Lady Bertilak manipulates Sir Gawain using the principles of courtly love (mezura, joven, and cortezia) into choosing the value of courtesy over the value of integrity; she uses Gawain’s desire to remain a knight of integrity, of code against him. For, as a knight of King Arthur’s court, Gawain must abide by the rules of chivalry and courtly love in order to maintain a sound reputation.
The first way in which Lady Bertilak manipulates Sir Gawain is through mezura. For, the Lady uses the principle of mezura to convince Gawain to keep their affair discrete and a secrete between the two of them. Although Lady Bertilak never explicitly states that Gawain must refrain himself from telling the lord about their affair, she does, however, hint that his actions could be misconstrued by her husband and that using…

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