Single Mothers : Single Mother Of Father Essay

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Single parenthood, be it a single mother of father, is a life commitment and long struggle that many are faced with. Often times the stereotype and narrative of being a single parent is told by single mothers. Either being forced into their situation were few options else are available, or the parent willing chooses single parenthood for their benefit as well as their child. Overwhelmingly though, single mothers don’t really have a choice in their status as single mother’s, they are victims of consequences beyond their control. In the case of my mother, Jessica DeGrauw, she did not have children with the intent or desire of being a single mother, but was forced into the situation when the relation between her and my father was no longer healthy. Single parenthood is commonly practiced by those that have no other choice, and conditions that are imposed are not ideal, or even comfortable for those in this position. But they make do with what is available.
As a child, my mother lived with both her father, mother, and an older brother until her parents split when she was 12 years old. Before this, her father, my grandfather, did not really have a place in the house unless he was dealing discipline. My grandmother brought in the money, and took care of the home during the limited time she was there. Due to my mother’s up-bringing in what could be considered no less than “the projects,” she took it on herself to ensure that her three children would never face the difficulties and…

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