Essay on Similarities Between Winter And Summer And Winter

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What is your favorite season? This is just one common question people ask to get to know each other. Out of the four seasons we have here on earth, two are summer and winter. When people think of these two seasons, they think of how they are completely different. On the contrary, winter and summer have similarities. Living here in Michigan, you get to experience summer and winter in a whole other way then some other states, some similarities are sports, Olympics and extreme weather, and some differences are weather, clothing, and daylight savings
During the summer, you have many sports to choose. For example, baseball, football, softball, tennis, lacrosse so on and so forth. Winter also has many sports you can do. Whether you like playing outdoors in ninety-degree weather or if you like twenty-degree weather sports. There are plenty of winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, hockey, ice-skating etc. Concluding sentence: With both, summer and winter, having sport they show a similarity even though the sports are not the same.
Furthermore, summer and winter share one of the most global sport competitions on earth, the Olympics. The Olympics are a group of events that were created in Greece in Olympia. The Olympic Games have winter and summer events. They happen every four years alternating between the two seasons. When it is the Summer Olympics turn, they began in early August. With many events such as: Gymnastics, Athletics, Archery, Swimming etc. These events take…

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