Essay on Similarities Between Maine And Maine

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Introduction Maine’s dialects are vividly depicted the very characteristics of Maine’s country folks that some people have not heard before. Many words are no longer used in today as much as in the past except for some old ancient folks live in rural areas. However, there are some words and phrases that do blend in today’s society to create the dialects that are more flexible, humor, and wisdom of the people speaking it. Syntactically, the word’s orders and idioms are sounded more humor and longer comparing to other dialects. Speaking of phonology, some words are written in SAE, but the phonics is slightly different. In the area of lexicons, the same words could be written in completely different patterns. Finally, the variation of such phrases all depends on the context or what a person’s feeling is.
The Maine dialects have distinct phonological patterns. For example, the words foggy, lobster, and dog are spelled with the letter O but they’re speaking the AH sound as in the Father sound (a: jaw drop). In other words, when saying these 2 words the jaw must be dropped in order to make the A sound. (Explore Maine 2013)
1) Standard American English: Lobster [läbstər], Foggy [‘fägē,ˈfôgē], Dog [dôg]
2) Maine American English : Lobster [läbstər], Foggy [‘fagi], Dog [dag]
For the word Lobster, the word is written exactly the same, but in normal SAE speakers don’t stresses too much the sound make it sound like an O sound, but in Maine’s English the sound is more…

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