Similarities Between F Scott Fitzgerald And The Great Gatsby

Parallel Between F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby, a Coincidence?
While researching texts and websites about Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald and his novel The Great Gatsby, it is noticed that there are parallels between Jay Gatsby and Fitzgerald’s life. Introducing enough background knowledge about Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby will show the parallel between the authors and this fictional character. Information about the life of Fitzgerald; such as, early years, schooling, his wife, literature, and his death will show how he used his life experiences to make his writings come alive. Second, a brief summary of, The Great Gatsby will show how each stage of his life is reflected in his writings and makes references to political events. Furthermore, an interpretation and insight as to how readers see The Great Gatsby, and why some relate it back to Fitzgerald’s life. Fitzgerald shows the connection between his own life and that of Jay Gatsby within his novel, The Great Gatsby.
Author, F. Scott Fitzgerald
According to the F.
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The story is narrated by Nick Carraway, whom is Gatsby’s neighbor and attended many of his parties during that summer where he meets Gatsby. At the parties guests are showered with as much food and liquor as they would like. Gatsby has an obsessive love for Daisy Buchanan, a distant cousin of Nick’s and the wife of Tom Buchanan. Nick meets Jordan Baker, Daisy’s best friend, and discovers that Daisy knows her husband is unfaithful. Myrtle, wife of George Wilson, is Tom’s main mistress. Gatsby takes Nick to lunch one day and he meets Meyer Wolfsheim, business associate and “friend” of Gatsby. Nick also begins to identify sources of some of Gatsby’s wealth. Involving a letter to Daisy form Gatsby, Jordan informs Nick about the strange story of Daisy’s

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