Similarities Between Aristotle And Machiavelli Essay

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Although Aristotle and Machiavelli are both well-known philosophers of the past, they still remain great influences and hold vast relevance to politics today. This question is particularly interesting as it is mind opening to observe how the political world, more than 500 years ago, still holds a great amount of significance in contemporary politics. This essay will commence with a brief description of who Aristotle and Machiavelli were, and I will clarify their meaning of their virtues and virtue. The second section of this essay will compare virtues in their time to contemporary politics, and show the relevance they both have on present-day. The final section of the article will then conclude with the summary of the importance of them both, and the conclusion to condense the final points.
Virtu and Virtue are characteristic traits defined by Aristotle and Machiavelli, in which they both hold separate qualities of their own. Virtu and virtue are fundamentally the equivalent word, but both philosophers have different interpretations and appearances.

Born in 384 BC, Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, and well known for his writing of the ‘The Politics’, his work of political philosophy. He believed that virtue is a feature, not a feeling or an ability, which we can possess within ourselves, that when put to good use, can help us to achieve a good life. Some characteristics of this virtue are mannerisms such as being kind or courageous to others, helping and…

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