Similarities Between Antoine Nicolas De Condorcet And Karl Marx

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Both Antoine Nicolas de Condorcet and Karl Marx develop theories that include reducing or abolishing inequality. In fact, the two do share many similarities in regards to their beliefs in equality. With so many similarities, the two theories will be defined by their differences in comparison to one another. The main difference between Condorcet and Marx is that they do not share the same definition for equality nor the same intentions. Marxism strives for pure equality, in that everyone shares wealth equally; completely abolishing the market. Condorcet essentially wants to maximize the potential of the human race through establishing equality; in that man must earn his/her status and class in this world. Although the intentions of Marxism seem to be for the greater good, Condorcet is far more realistic; therefore Condorcet’s program is more likely to succeed.
Antoine Nicolas de Condorcet’s The Progress of the Human Mind is a general overview of the drastic, yet beneficial changes during the Enlightenment: “the human race was avenged by the swift triumph of liberty and reason” (187). In Condorcet’s tenth and final step of The Progress of the Human Mind he directly focuses on “absolute perfection of the human race” (195). To achieve perfection of mankind, the establishment of equality is essential. Karl Marx shares a similar mindset in Communist Manifesto. Marx’s Communist Manifesto is a perfect representation of an extreme communist mindset; thus, the Communist Manifesto is…

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